Having worked at a marina all summer at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake, people returned their rental boats with huge smiles on their faces.  Kids laughed and bragged about how much AIR they got when their tube hit the wake.  Parents were relaxed and happy just because they had been on the water, after all, water relaxes, right?
Occasionally, though, damaged propellers, ripped lower units, damaged hulls and other incidents quickly turned those happy moments into frustration and angst.  Renters knew that they were liable for those damages and some didn’t even know how the damage occurred.  Nothing ruined a great day on the lake like a $150.00 charge for something the driver didn’t know how to avoid, and I hated bearing the bad news and passing on the fees for damages.  I knew that if I had been captaining the boat, no damage would have occurred.  Having boated SML for years, I know where the low spots are.  I know areas that the driver must be cautious and I know how quickly one can get into shallow waters where rocks and trees can damage the boat.  A knowledgeable captain to pilot the boat can turn an avoidable potential disaster into a worry-free cruise.
I obtained my captain’s license, and with help of my family, started my own chauffeur boating business called Why Knot.  Why Knot is a boating service designed to take the risk away from the client by ensuring boating safety and increasing water enjoyment.  I take the liability for boat damages so you get to relax.   I take you to hidden coves, special activities, yummy venues through pre-arranged dinner reservations, and show you the best of the lake that only those of us who have cruised around our favorite spots know about.   I pay for the gas.  Your biggest worry?  Did you bring enough drinks for your cooler and sunscreen for the kids.  
The process is easy.  Go to the book now link on the home page to check availability.  Make the reservation.  I’ll contact you to discuss your areas of interest.  I’ll customize the trip to meet your needs.  I’ll pick you up from your dock in my 27 foot Chaparral with coolers filled with ice and water.  Ready for a chauffeur?
Why Knot give it a try?
I look forward to showing you the Jewel of the Blue Ridge.
Austin Bailey

Captain, Why Knot